Sunday, February 6, 2011

Fantasy Opera Season

Coming from the classical music blogosphere, we have the Fantasy Opera Season game. If I were a billionaire, these would be my first two seasons.




Henry Holland said...

Very nice! For Birtwistle I'd do The Second Mrs. Kong but a very nice mix of old and new, it's especially nice to see L'amour de Loin get some love. Only lacking a Schreker opera..... :-)

Steve Morrison said...

Schreker's Gezeichneten definitely will be a highlight of season three.

The Second Mrs. Kong sounds incredible; somehow I'd never heard of it til now. If we hadn't already booked the singers for Minotaur, I'd consider changing! :-)

Evan Tucker said...

I can't possibly keep up with all the operas, so I've decided to do some fantasy orchestral seasons.