Friday, February 25, 2011

Book Review: Imagist Poetry, An Anthology

This was the first book of poems I acquired for myself at the age of sixteen or so (very much at random), and it's still a favorite. It introduced me to Wallace Stevens and D. H. Lawrence, two I now can't live without; but it also contains lots of really wonderful poets that I haven't found elsewhere, like Richard Aldington and F. S. Flint.

Here's a sample from Aldington (who was married to the much-more-well-known "H.D."):

I know you, poplar;
I have watched you since I was ten.
But if you had a little real love,
A little strength,
You would leave your nonchalant idle lovers
And go walking down the white road
Behind the waggoners.

There are beautiful beeches down beyond the hill.
Will you always stand there shivering?

Isn't that delightful? Lots of hidden treasures to be discovered in this little volume. 

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Raining Acorns said...

This is lovely. So many hidden corners where wonderful poetry can be found, eh?