Tuesday, March 31, 2009


NPR called me and asked me to contribute to their 2010 (10th Anniversary) wall calendar! I'm really thrilled about this project! NPR is one of my favorite things, and a dream client. In the past, they've featured incredible illustrators like Brad Holland, Gary Kelley, Red Nose Studio, etc. So I feel really honored to have been chosen this year.

These are the sketches I sent, in random order, with little concept descriptions. One of them was chosen to appear in the final calendar. Can you guess which one?

#1: NPR takes you on a voyage of discovery. The penguins and polar bears are friends because NPR allows us to see everyone's viewpoint and realize what we have in common.
#2: Listener-supported NPR requires care and love from it's devoted listeners in order to produce a beautiful NPR-flower.
#3: By listening and speaking with one another, as NPR facilitates, we create ourselves and each other and see the world in new ways.
#4: Listening together we can combine our diverse abilities into a symphony of NPR-beauty.
#5: This one is based on the idea of the "driveway moment," combined with the idea of NPR bringing diverse ideas/groups together. The tiger and antelope are so enthralled with the story they're hearing that they put their death-struggle on hold until it's over.
#6: NPR takes us to places we couldn't reach otherwise. It also brings together diverse groups (i.e. fish/birds).
#7: NPR brings us together. And yetis are cool.

Stay tuned to see which one was chosen!
And thanks again, NPR, for this great opportunity!

The Great Mammoth Adventure! Part 6

Friday, March 27, 2009

The Great Mammoth Adventure! Part 2

Don Quixote: The First Sally

Don Quixote sets out one morning before dawn, poised to right the wrongs of the world.

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This is made from two mirror-images of my name.

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Don Quixote: Reading

Don Quixote is my favorite book. This is the ingenious old gentleman himself, filling his head with romantic tales until his brain turns to dust. He will soon depart (minus his brain) to become the most glorious knight-errant in all of Christendom. Is the loss of his wits a subtraction or an addition?


Thursday, March 19, 2009

Dr. Faustroll

I just read a crazy and wonderful book called The Exploits and Opinions of Doctor Faustroll, Pataphysician, by Alfred Jarry. It concerns the surreal odyssey of one Dr. Faustroll who, among other things, sails in a sieve with his baboon and visits a series of bizarre and satirical islands before transforming into an astral body and attempting to calculate the surface of God. Along the way he invents "pataphysics," which is described as "the science of imaginary solutions." Anyway, it's very Rabelaisan and loads of fun, so I decided to design my own cover for it: Here is a close-up of the central illustration:


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I drew this with a twig.

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The Nunda, Eater of People!

Here is the story for you to read. I love that the Nunda doesn't even show up until about 80% of the way in. Also, that the prince eats a big meal and takes a nap before killing the beast--my kind of hero. On a side note, the Andrew Lang Fairy Books (where this tale is found) are one of the world's great treasures--they were immensely important to my childhood.


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